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Online card payments:

Card payments and other services are available through our website and abide to our security, privacy and legal policies.

Repaying your mortgage:

Can I repay all or part of my mortgage early?

Yes, you can repay your mortgage at any time. Please contact us to request a redemption statement which will give full details of the amount required to repay the loan, along with details of any charges that may apply. An Early Repayment Charge (ERC) may be due if you pay back all, or part, of your loan. Any charge that is made is calculated as a percentage.

If you wish to pay a lump sum to reduce the balance of your mortgage please call us. Please be aware that charges may apply. These are detailed in your mortgage offer, and you can request details by telephone.

Do you accept redemption monies by cheque?

Yes, we accept cheques. However if the account is charged daily interest (this will be shown on your redemption statement) then a further three days daily rate must be paid to allow time for the cheque to clear. Please quote your mortgage account number on the reverse of the cheque.

How do I Telegraphically Transfer redemption monies?

Your redemption statement contains our bank account details. You can either provide these to your solicitor along with the funds, or take them into your bank. Your bank will then forward the funds to us. Please ensure that your mortgage account number is quoted in the transaction reference.

Why am I being charged a fee for my deeds to be sent out?

The fee covers the administration costs of obtaining the deeds from storage and releasing them to the nominated firm of solicitors by secure mail.

My payments:

Can I change my regular payment date?

Please call us on 0345 602 0750* to discuss this matter.

Can I increase my monthly payments?

If your mortgage is on an interest only basis, increasing your monthly payments will reduce the balance left to repay at the end of your mortgage term.

If your mortgage is on a repayment basis, your mortgage will be repaid more quickly if you increase your monthly payments.

If you would like to increase your monthly payments please contact us on 0345 602 0750* to discuss the options available to you. Please be aware that you may incur charges if you overpay. Details can be found in your mortgage offer.

Can I change the way I make my monthly payments?

We can accept payments by Direct Debit, standing order, cheque, or by debit card over the telephone.

Direct Debit is the preferred method of paying. The benefits are:

  • You can be sure the correct amount of money is being collected.
  • If an error should occur you are guaranteed a refund.
  • Your payments will be collected automatically so you don’t have to remember to send it.
  • It is easier for you than standing order because if your payments chance you won’t need to amend them through your bank. We will make the changes for you.

If you would like to change to Direct Debit please contact us.

Payments online

Did you know you can make payments online? Simply click on “Your account” to go through a simple registration process to activate your account online.

Other queries:

Can I take out a further advance or remortgage with Amber Homeloans?

Amber Homeloans are a closed mortgage book and don’t offer any new mortgages or further advances so you would need to speak to another lender / mortgage broker if you would like to remortgage. Contract variations on your existing mortgage product can be considered.

How do I go about adding or removing people to or from my mortgage account?

To add or remove a name on your mortgage account you will need to complete a Transfer of Equity which is a legally recognised process.

My partner/spouse has moved out of the property. Can we add a second address?

You can set up an additional correspondence address by sending in a letter detailing the new address, and which person it relates to.

My/our correspondence address has changed. What do I/we need to do?

Please send in a letter signed by whomever the change of address relates to, giving details of the new address.

I have an interest only mortgage, but would like to change to repayment. Is this possible?

Yes. Please call us on 0345 602 0750* to request a quotation. This will detail how much your new monthly payment would be and give full details of what to do if you wish to proceed with the conversion.

My fixed or Discounted rate is about to end. What happens next?

If your mortgage is on a fixed or discounted rate we will write to you before it ends, giving details about your new monthly payment and interest rate. The rate you will go on to is detailed in your mortgage offer.

I would like to rent out my house, but I have a residential mortgage. What do I need to do?

Please call us on 0345 602 0750* to request a lettings pack. This will give full details of what you need to do and what the impact on your mortgage would be.

Please note that letting your property without our written consent would be a breach of your mortgage terms and conditions.

Why do I have to note your interest on my insurance policy?

It is a condition of your loan agreement that you will arrange and maintain adequate buildings insurance. By noting our interest on your policy your insurer will inform us of any material changes to the policy, so that you don’t have to.

Can I request a copy of my file?

Yes, this is called a Subject Access Request.

Your request must be authorised by all the people who require the information. Please note that if we do not receive signatures from everybody named on the mortgage, then we will only be able to provide information held about the people who have signed the request. Please include your mortgage account number, and confirm if there is any specific information you require.

More information on Subject Access Requests can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office website, at

What if I believe I have been a victim of a scam?

Stop payments – contact your bank or building society immediately as they may be able to help stop the payment.

Report the crime – phone the Police Action Fraud line on 0300 123 2040 or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Consumer Helpline on 0800 111 6768 providing as much information as possible about what has happened.

Beware of on-going scams – if you have lost money or been targeted by a fraudster, you might be approached again. This could either be related to the original scam or be a new scam.


How often will I receive a mortgage statement, and do I have to pay for it?

Statements are sent annually, free of charge. If you require a duplicate or interim statement then a charge will apply. Please call us for more details.

I repaid my mortgage. Will I still receive an annual statement?

No, you will not automatically receive an annual statement once you have repaid your mortgage. To request one please call us.

How do I request a copy of the tariff of charges?

You can call us to request a copy.

21 April 2021

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